Dublin Carriage Act, 1853

Commissioners to grant Licence to act as Driver, &c., on Production of Certificate.

What shall be specified in the Licence.

LII. It shall be lawful for the said Commissioners to grant to any Male Person more than Sixteen Years of Age, on producing a satisfactory Certificate of Ability to drive, and of good Character, a Licence to act as Driver of any Hackney Carriage, Stage Carriage, or Job Carriage, or Horse, and also to grant to any such Male Person, upon the Production of a Certificate of good Character, a Licence to act as Conductor of any Stage Carriage; and for every such Licence and for every Renewal thereof there shall be paid the Duty appropriated thereto in the Schedule (B.) to this Act annexed, and there shall be specified in it the proper Name and Surname, Place of Abode, Age, and Description of the Person to whom such Licence shall be granted; and every such Licence shall bear a distinctive Number, and be dated on the Day upon which the same shall be granted, and shall thence continue in force until voluntarily surrendered by the Party named therein, or until otherwise determined or revoked under the Provisions of this Act, and except for the Time (if any) during which the same shall be suspended by the said Commissioners or by any Justice; and in every such Licence there shall be specified a Period within which the same shall while in force be surrendered annually at the Office which the said Commissioners shall appoint, for the Purpose of the same being renewed or re-granted: Provided always, that it shall and may be lawful for the said Commissioners to refuse to grant any such Licence or Renewal thereof, or to revoke any such Licence, in case it shall appear that the Person applying for or in possession of such Licence is an unfit Person to hold the same, by reason of his having been convicted of any Theft or Felony, or of his having been convicted of any Assault, or of Drunkenness, or of any Violation of this Act, or the Rules and Regulations or Byelaws relating to Hackney Carriages: Provided also, that it shall not be necessary for the Guard of any of Her Majesty’s Mails to obtain a Licence under this Act.