Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898

Powers of county council as to sudden damage to public works.

11.(1) The council of each county shall arrange for the immediate repair of sudden damage to any public work, maintained in whole or in part at the cost of the county or any rural district, but where the expense of the repair is wholly leviable off any district and not partly off the county at large, such expense shall not exceed fifty pounds if within the prescribed time the council of the district object to any larger expenditure.

(2) For the purposes of this section “repair of sudden damage” means such repair of any sudden damage to any public work, and such erection of any temporary work in place of any public work suddenly carried away or destroyed, and such collection or preservation of the materials of any damaged public work, as, subject to the general directions of the county council, the county surveyor considers cannot, without prejudice to the public, be delayed until the ordinary procedure relating to the repair of public works can be followed.

(3) The powers of any justices and of extraordinary presentment sessions in relation to the repair of sudden damage to public works shall cease.