Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898

Periodical revision of financial relations between county and urban district or between two county districts.

71.(1) If, after the expiration of not less than fifteen years from the date herein-after mentioned [1] the council either of a county or of an urban county district as respects the financial relations between such county and district, or the council of any county district as respects the financial relations between that district and any other county district, allege that the said financial relations are inequitable, and satisfy the Local Government Board that there is reasonable ground for that allegation, the Board may inquire into the circumstances, and, if they think it just so to do, may by order alter the financial relations, but such order where it alters the provisions of any local Act or Provisional Order shall be a Provisional Order.

(2) Financial relations” means the relations between the county and urban county district, or between the two county districts, as respects the burden of the expense of the maintenance or construction of any road or public work, or of the salaries of the county officers, or of any other county at large or district charges, or as respects any contribution by the county or any district to such expenses, salaries, or charges, whether such relations are specified in any Act, or Provisional Order confirmed by an Act, or in any agreement or order made under Part Two of this Act in respect of any public work, or by any adjustment made in pursuance of this Act, or of an Order in Council under this Act, or are not so specified.

(3) The date from which the said fifteen years are to be calculated shall be the passing of this Act, or in case of any Act, Provisional Order, agreement, order, or adjustment, made before or after the passing of this Act, then the date at which the Act, Provisional Order, agreement, order or adjustment came into operation, or in the case of an order under this section then the date of that order.

[1 See now 1 Edw. 7. c. 28, s. 3, as amended by 2 Edw. 7. c. 38, s. 13.]