Housing (Gaeltacht) Act, 1929

General provisions as to grants.

6.—(1) Every application for a grant under this Act shall be made to the prescribed officer of the Minister in the prescribed form and manner and shall state the prescribed particulars in relation to the person applying for the grant, the dwelling-house in respect of which the grant is applied for and the work proposed to be executed with the aid of the grant.

(2) A grant made under this Act may be paid in one instalment or in several instalments as the Minister shall in each case think proper and the Minister may require as a condition precedent to the payment of any such grant or any particular instalment thereof that it shall be shown to his satisfaction that the work towards which the grant was made or a specified proportion thereof has been executed.

(3) Where a building grant, a poultry-house building grant, or a piggery building grant is made towards the erection of a new dwelling-house or new accommodation in substitution for an existing dwelling-house or existing accommodation, the demolition of such existing dwelling-house or existing accommodation shall, unless the Minister otherwise directs, be deemed to be part of the work towards the execution of which the grant is made.

(4) Whenever the making of a grant to a person under this Act is sanctioned or the making of a loan to a person under this Act is certified for by the Minister and such person dies before the amount of such grant or such loan has been actually paid to him, the Minister may appoint any other person whom he may think fit to receive, subject to such conditions as the Minister may think fit to impose, such grant or loan or so much thereof as is then unpaid, and when any such appointment is so made, the grant or loan to which the appointment relates or the unpaid portion thereof shall be payable under this Act to the person so appointed in like manner in all respects as the same would have been payable to such first-mentioned person if he had not died.