Road Traffic Act, 1933

Revocation and suspension by a court of drivers' and conductors' licences.

116.—(1) Whenever a licensed driver or a licensed conductor is convicted of any crime or offence (including an offence under this Act) the court by or before whom such driver or conductor was so convicted may, if such court thinks it proper so to do, revoke or suspend for such time as such court shall think proper the driver's licence held by such driver or the conductor's licence held by such conductor (as the case may be).

(2) Whenever a driver's licence or a conductor's licence is revoked or suspended by a court under this section, the registrar, clerk or other principal officer of such court shall forthwith communicate to the Commissioner the particulars of such revocation or suspension (as the case may be), and upon receipt of such communication the Commissioner shall cause notice in writing of such revocation or suspension to be sent forthwith by post to the holder of such licence.