Road Traffic Act, 1933

Fare bye-laws.

139.—(1) The Commissioner may, with the consent of the Minister and after consultation with the local authority concerned, make bye-laws (in this Act referred to as fare bye-laws), fixing the fares which may lawfully be charged for the hire of and for services performed by street service vehicles hired in any specified area and different such bye-laws may be so made in respect of different specified areas but every such specified area shall either be co-extensive with a taximeter area or shall not include any taximeter area or any part of a taximeter area.

(2) Different fares may be fixed by fare bye-laws in respect of different classes of street service vehicles.

(3) In this Part of this Act—

the expression “lawful fare” means the fare fixed by fare bye-laws for the service and in the area in relation to which the expression is used, and the expression “fare bye-law area” means an area in respect of which fare bye-laws are for the time being in force.