Road Traffic Act, 1933

Operation of disqualification orders.

33.—(1) A person in respect of whom a disqualification order is made shall be disqualified for holding a driving licence during the period specified in that behalf in such order, and the driving licence (if any) held by such person at the date of such order shall be suspended until the expiration of such period or the expiration of such licence, whichever first happens.

(2) The operation of a disqualification order shall not be suspended or postponed by reason of an appeal being brought against such order or against the conviction as a result of which such order is made unless the court by which such order is made otherwise directs.

(3) Whenever a disqualification order is made in respect of a person who is, at the date of such order, the holder of a driving licence, such person shall, within five days after the making of such order, deliver such licence to the district court clerk of the district in which such order was made and such clerk shall thereupon send such licence to the licensing authority by which it was issued and such licensing authority shall retain such driving licence but shall, if the period of suspension under this section of such licence expires before such licence expires, return such licence to such person on demand made after the expiration of such period of suspension and before the expiration of such licence.

(4) Every person who is required by this section to deliver a driving licence to a district court clerk and fails so to deliver such licence within the time limited in that behalf by this section shall be guilty of an offence under this section and on summary conviction thereof shall, unless he satisfies the court that owing to the destruction of such licence or for any other reason he is unable to deliver such licence in accordance with this section, be liable to a fine not exceeding five pounds and a further fine not exceeding one pound for every day during which the offence continues.

(5) In this section the expression “disqualification order” includes a consequential disqualification order, an ancillary disqualification order, and a special disqualification order.