Land Act, 1946

Devolution of holdings and parcels provided for enlargement of holdings.


(a) a holding or parcel of land (in this section referred to as the additional land) is at any time provided (whether before or after the passing of the Land Act, 1939 (No. 26 of 1939)) for a purchaser for the enlargement of the holding (in this section referred to as theoriginal holding) purchased or agreed to be purchased by him or any of his predecessors in title, and

(b) the additional land has not been consolidated with the original holding, and

(c) the original holding and the additional land would, but for this section, devolve, on any death occurring on or after the operative date and before such consolidation, on different persons,

then, by virtue of this section, the additional land shall on such death devolve on the person on whom the original holding devolves and for the same estate or interest and subject to the same incumbrances, charges and equities, and also, in case the additional land is not at such death vested in the purchaser, subject to the provisions of the undertaking or agreement to purchase relating to the additional land.