Auctioneers and House Agents Act, 1947


Miscellaneous Provisions as to Licences and Auction Permits.

Cancellation, suspension and disqualification in respect of licences and auction permits.

18.—(1) Whenever a person who is a licensed auctioneer or house agent is convicted of an offence involving fraud, dishonesty or breach of trust, the Court may, without prejudice to the infliction of any other punishment authorised by law, do such one or more of the following things as the Court shall think proper, that is to say:—

(a) cancel the licence held by that person and, if he is a licensed auctioneer, every auction permit granted to him or to any person to conduct auctions on his behalf,

(b) suspend, for a specified time, the said licence and every such auction permit as aforesaid,

(c) declare that person to be disqualified from holding a licence during a specified period.

(2) Where an appeal is brought against a conviction or sentence for an offence to which subsection (1) of this section applies, the Court hearing the appeal shall have the jurisdiction conferred by that subsection on the Court by which the offender was tried and shall have jurisdiction to confirm, annul or vary any cancellation, suspension or disqualification imposed under that subsection.

(3) Whenever the Court cancels or suspends a licence or an auction permit or declares a person to be disqualified from holding a licence or confirms, annuls or varies any cancellation, suspension or disqualification, the registrar or clerk of the Court shall inform the Revenue Commissioners.