Criminal Justice Act, 1951

Power of Circuit Court to release from recognisance.

16.—Whenever an order is made by the District Court binding a person to the peace or to good behaviour or to both, the peace and good behaviour and requiring him to enter into a recognisance in that behalf, such person may, at any time within one month and on giving seven days' notice to the officer of the Garda Síochána in charge of the district in which such person resides, apply in a summary manner to the judge of the Circuit Court within whose circuit the courthouse in which such order was made is situate to be released from the obligations imposed on him by such order and such recognisance respectively (if he has entered into such recognisance) and on the hearing of such application such judge may, if he so thinks proper, release such person from such obligations or modify in such manner as such judge thinks proper all or any of such obligations, and may make such release or modification either absolutely or subject to conditions and, in particular, subject to such person entering in the District Court into a new recognisance in lieu of such first-mentioned recognisance.