Criminal Justice Act, 1951

Recognisances by Corporation.

17.—(1) Whenever a corporation (whether aggregate or sole) is required by law or by an order of a court to enter into a recognisance, the recognisance may be entered into by an agent for and on behalf of the corporation, if—

(a) the agent is authorised by the corporation in writing under the seal of the corporation to enter into the recognisance on its behalf and he produces such authorisation when executing the recognisance, and

(b) the recognisance is expressed to be entered into on behalf of the corporation and to bind the goods of the corporation and generally to bind the corporation by the conditions of the recognisance.

(2) Where the form of a recognisance is prescribed by statute or by rule of court or any statutory instrument and the recognisance is entered into on behalf of a corporation under this section, such modifications may be made in the form so prescribed as are needed to comply with this section.

(3) A recognisance entered into under this section on behalf of a corporation shall bind the corporation and its goods as fully and in like manner as a like recognisance entered into by an individual would bind the individual and his goods.