Criminal Justice Act, 1951

Transfer of trials by Circuit Court from place to place.

19.—(1) (a) The Circuit Court sitting in any circuit may transfer the trial of a criminal issue from the place in which it is required by law to be held to any other place in the same circuit.

(b) In that event, the trial shall be held at the place to which it is transferred with a jury drawn from the jury district or other area prescribed for trials by the Circuit Court sitting at that place.

(2) (a) An order of the Circuit Court under this section may only be made on the application of the Attorney General or an accused person.

(b) It may provide for matters ancillary or incidental to the transfer.

(c) It shall be final and unappealable.

(3) The Court shall not make an order under this section unless it is satisfied that a fair trial is unlikely to be obtained or that a trial cannot be held in the place from which it is sought to transfer the trial.