Companies Act, 1963

Inspectors' report.

169.—(1) The inspectors may, and if so directed by the Minister shall, make interim reports to the Minister and on the conclusion of the investigation, shall make a final report to the Minister.

Any such report shall be written or printed as the Minister directs.

(2) The Minister shall—

(a) forward a copy of any report made by the inspectors to the registered office of the company;

(b) if the Minister thinks fit, furnish a copy thereof on request and on payment of the prescribed fee to any other person who is a member of the company or of any other body corporate dealt with in the report by virtue of section 167 or whose interests as a creditor of the company or of any such other body corporate as aforesaid appear to the Minister to be affected;

(c) where the inspectors are appointed under section 165, furnish at the request of the applicants for the investigation, a copy to them; and

(d) where the inspectors are appointed under section 166 in pursuance of an order of the court, furnish a copy to the court;

and may also cause the report to be printed and published.

(3) The Minister may lay the report before each House of the Oireachtas and such publication shall be privileged.