Housing Act, 1966

Supplementary grants by housing authority to bodies for provision of houses for elderly persons and for other purposes.

28.—(1) Where a relevant grant is made by the Minister to—

(a) a body providing a house for the accommodation of elderly persons, or

(b) a body approved by the Minister for the purposes of this section providing a house, flat or maisonette,

the housing authority may, whether the grant has been paid in whole or in part, make a supplementary grant to the body in respect of the provision of the house, flat or maisonette.

(2) A supplementary grant under this section shall be of such amount as may be determined by the housing authority but shall not exceed the amount of the relevant grant.

(3) A housing authority may impose in relation to the making of supplementary grants under this section such conditions as they think fit.

(4) In this section, “relevant grant” means a grant under—

(a) section 16 of the Act of 1948,

(b) section 2 or 6 of the Act of 1962, or

(c) sections 15 , 18 or 19 of this Act,

made in respect of a house, flat or maisonette, the erection of which commenced or commences on or after 1st day of October, 1963.