Housing Act, 1966


Provision and Management of Dwellings

Duty of housing authority to make inspection and to assess adequacy of supply and condition of housing.

53.—(1) It shall be the duty of a housing authority, within such period after the commencement of this section as may be specified by the Minister and thereafter either at least once in every five years or at such intervals, being less than five years, as the Minister may direct from time to time, to inspect the houses in their functional area and to ascertain—

(a) to what extent there exist in the area houses which are in any respect unfit or unsuitable for human habitation,

(b) any overcrowding existing in the area, and

(c) such other matters as the Minister may specify from time to time,

and having regard to the information obtained by the inspection, and such other information as may be relevant, to assess, as respects the area, the adequacy of the supply of housing and the prospective future demand for housing and to cause a report thereon to be prepared.

(2) For the purposes of the preparation of a report under this section, a housing authority shall make such enquiries and keep such records as may appear to them to be necessary or expedient, or which the Minister may direct.