Housing Act, 1966

Obligation to give particulars relating to a house.

64.—(1) A housing authority may for the purposes of this Part of this Act by notice in writing require the owner or occupier of a house to state in writing to the authority, within a period specified in the notice, being not less than fourteen days beginning on the date of the notice, the following particulars:

(a) the total number and the dimensions of the rooms in the house;

(b) the purpose for which each such room is currently used;

(c) the number of occupants in the house on a date specified in the notice;

(d) the sanitary and cooking facilities available to such occupants; and

(e) such other particulars relating to the house as the authority may specify in the notice.

(2) Any person who is required by a notice under this section to state in writing any matter or thing to a housing authority and either fails to state such matter or thing within the period specified in the notice or, when so stating such matter or thing, makes any statement which to his knowledge is false or misleading in a material respect, shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding twenty-five pounds.