Housing Act, 1966

Extinguishment of ways, easements, etc.

83.—(1) A housing authority may, with the approval of the Minister, by order extinguish any public right of way over any land acquired by them for the purposes of this Act, but an order made by an authority under this subsection shall be published in the prescribed manner, and if any objection thereto is made to the Minister before the expiration of six weeks from the publication thereof, the Minister shall not approve the order until he has caused to be held a public local inquiry into the matter.

(2) Upon the completion by a housing authority of the acquisition by them, otherwise than by vesting order, of any land for the purposes of this Act, all private rights of way and all rights of laying down, erecting, continuing or maintaining any pipes, sewers, drains, wires or cables on, under or over that land (together with the property in those pipes, sewers, drains, wires or cables) and all other rights or easements in or relating to that land shall, except so far as may be otherwise agreed by the authority and the person entitled to the right in question, vest in the authority without any conveyance or transfer, and any person who suffers loss by the vesting by virtue of this subsection of any such right or property shall be entitled to be paid by the authority compensation to be determined under and in accordance with the Acquisition of Land (Assessment of Compensation) Act, 1919 .