Health Act, 1970

Suspension and removal of chief executive officer.

21.—(1) A chief executive officer may be suspended from the performance of his duties by the Minister.

(2) A chief executive officer of a health board may be suspended from performance of his duties by the board by a resolution passed by the board for the purpose of the suspension and for the passing of which not less than two-thirds of the members of the board voted and of the intention to propose which not less than seven days' notice was given to every person who was a member of the board when the notice was given.

(3) The chairman of the board shall notify the Minister of a suspension under subsection (2).

(4) A suspension of a chief executive officer may be terminated by the Minister.

(5) The Minister may remove a chief executive officer from being such officer where he is satisfied, following a local inquiry, that he has become incapable of performing the duties of chief executive officer, that he is unfit to be a chief executive officer or that he has misconducted himself as chief executive officer.