Health Act, 1970

Borrowing and acceptance of gifts by health boards.

33.—(1) A health board may borrow money subject to any conditions specified by the Minister and in accordance with any directions given by him.

(2) Borrowing under this section may be effected in any manner which the health board consider suitable including, in particular, by way of mortgage, drawing of bills of exchange, issue of stock or bonds, temporary loan or overdraft.

(3) A loan under this section and the interest or dividends thereon may be secured on the revenues, funds or property of the health board.

(4) Money borrowed pursuant to this section may be lent by means of an issue from the local loans fund as if the loan constituted a local loan within the meaning of the Local Loans Fund Acts, 1935 to 1968, and was authorised by an Act of the Oireachtas.

(5) A health board may accept a gift of money, land or other property on such trusts and conditions as may be specified by the person making the gift but shall not accept a gift if any conditions attached to the acceptance thereof are inconsistent with the board's functions.