Health Act, 1970

Acquisition of land for voluntary bodies.

40.—(1) A health board may, on the request of a body which provides or proposes to provide institutional services or any other service similar or ancillary to a service which the health board may provide, and with the consent of the Minister, provide for the body any land which is shown by the body, to the satisfaction of the health board, to be required for the efficient performance of the functions of the body.

(2) Where a health board decides to provide land under this section for a body, it may acquire the land either by agreement with the consent of the Minister or compulsorily under Part VIII of the Health Act, 1947 , and may lease such land to or for the benefit of the body.

(3) Where a health board is requested by a body to provide under this section any land for the body, the board may, as a condition precedent to its so providing the land, require the body to undertake to defray the whole or part of the cost of so providing the land.