Corporation Tax Act, 1976

Companies not resident in the State.

8.—(1) A company not resident in the State shall not be within the charge to corporation tax unless it carries on a trade in the State through a branch or agency but, if it does so, it shall, subject to any exceptions provided for by this Act, be chargeable to corporation tax on all its chargeable profits wherever arising.

(2) For purposes of corporation tax the chargeable profits of a company not resident in the State but carrying on a trade there through a branch or agency shall be—

(a) any trading income arising directly or indirectly through or from the branch or agency, and any income from property or rights used by, or held by or for, the branch or agency (but so that this paragraph shall not include distributions received from companies resident in the State); and

(b) such chargeable gains as, but for this Act, would be chargeable to capital gains tax in the case of a company which is not resident in the State:

Provided that such chargeable profits shall not include chargeable gains accruing to the company on the disposal of assets which, at or before the time when the chargeable gains accrued, were not used in or for the purposes of the trade and were not used or held or acquired for the purposes of the branch or agency.

(3) Subject to section 45 (overseas life assurance companies), where in the year 1976-77 or any later year of assessment, a company not resident in the State receives any payment on which it bears income tax by deduction, and the payment forms part of, or is to be taken into account in computing, the company's income chargeable to corporation tax, the income tax thereon shall be set off against any corporation tax assessable on that income by an assessment made for the accounting period in which the payment falls to be taken into account for corporation tax; and accordingly in respect of that payment the company shall not be entitled to a repayment of income tax before the assessment for that accounting period is finally determined and it appears that a repayment is due.

(4) Without prejudice to the general application of income tax procedure to corporation tax, the provisions of Chapter II of Part IX of the Income Tax Act, 1967 (Special Provisions as to Non-residents and Temporary Residents), and section 209 in Chapter III of the said Part (liability of trustees, etc.) relating to the assessment and charge of income tax on persons not resident in the State, so far as they are applicable to tax chargeable on a company, shall apply with any necessary adaptations in relation to corporation tax chargeable on companies not resident in the State.