Value-Added Tax (Amendment) Act, 1978

Services that are taxed where received.

27.—The following Schedule shall be substituted for the Fourth Schedule to the Principal Act:


Services that are taxed where received

Section 5 of Principal Act.

(i) Transfers and assignments of copyright, patents, licences, trade marks and similar rights;

(ii) advertising services;

(iii) services of consultants, engineers, consultancy bureaux, lawyers, accountants and other similar services, data processing and provision of information (but excluding services connected with immovable goods);

(iv) acceptance of any obligation to refrain from pursuing or exercising in whole or in part, any business activity or any such rights as are referred to in paragraph (i);

(v) banking, financial and insurance services (including re-insurance, but not including the provision of safe deposit facilities);

(vi) the provision of staff;

(vii) the services of agents who act in the name and for the account of a principal when procuring for him any services specified in paragraphs (i) to (vi).”.