Central Bank Act, 1989.

Fees in respect of supervision by Bank.

13.—(1) Subject to subsection (3), the Minister may, after consulting the Bank, by regulation prescribe the fee to be paid to the Bank by any person supervised by it under any enactment and different fees may be prescribed for different classes of persons.

(2) Regulations under this section may provide for such incidental or related matters as are, in the opinion of the Minister, necessary to give effect to such fees.

(3) Where the Minister proposes to prescribe a fee under subsection (1), he shall—

(a) notify the persons of the class to which the proposed fee relates of that proposed fee, and

(b) only prescribe the proposed fee or a lesser fee after he has considered any representations made to him within such period, being not less than two months after the date the notification was sent by him to each person concerned, as he shall specify in the notification.

(4) In this section “person” includes a financial futures and options exchange within the meaning assigned to it for the purposes of Chapter VIII .