Central Bank Act, 1989.

Treatment of certain payments out of general fund.

66.—(1) Subject to subsection (2) and whether or not payments have been made to which section 60 relates, the Bank may, at its discretion and to such extent as it may deem proper from time to time charge on the deposit protection account any other payment out of the general fund which, in the opinion of the Bank, was applied—

(a) to protect the interests of persons or any class of persons maintaining deposits with one or more holders or former holders of licences, or

(b) to promote the orderly and proper regulation of banking.

(2) The Bank shall, from time to time, keep the Minister and every holder of a licence informed of the general principles which guide the Bank in respect of the exercise of its discretion and shall consider any representations which may be made on those principles by any holder of a licence.