Health (Eastern Regional Health Authority) Act, 1999

Functions of Area Health Boards.

15.—(1) An Area Health Board shall perform, with respect to its functional area and on behalf of the Authority, such functions as are specified by the Authority in accordance with section 9 (1) and shall carry out such other functions as provided by this Act or as may from time to time be conferred on it by the Authority.

(2) An Area Health Board shall, with respect to its functional area—

(a) provide, or arrange for the provision of, such services as may be specified in any arrangements entered into with the Authority in accordance with section 10 (2),

(b) plan and co-ordinate the provision of services, in co-operation with persons providing services in the area and with such other persons as it may see fit, and

(c) advise the Authority on the provision of services generally.

(3) An Area Health Board shall—

(a) carry out its functions subject to any general directions which may be given by the Authority, and

(b) co-operate with the Authority and with other Area Health Boards in the co-ordination of services in such manner as the Authority may from time to time determine.

(4) Where an Area Health Board makes an arrangement with a person for the provision of services, it shall put in place systems, procedures and practices to enable it to monitor and evaluate the services so provided.

(5) An Area Health Board shall, notwithstanding that it is exercising functions on behalf of the Authority under this section, be entitled to enforce any rights acquired and shall be liable in respect of any liabilities incurred (including liabilities in tort) in the exercise of those functions in all respects as if it were acting as a principal, and all proceedings for the enforcement of such rights or liabilities shall be brought by or against the Area Health Board in its own name.

(6) Sections 3 and 4 of the No. 3 Act of 1996 (as amended by section 24 ) shall apply to an Area Health Board as if it were a health board and references in those sections to a chief executive officer shall be construed for the purposes of this subsection as including references to an area chief executive.