Health (Eastern Regional Health Authority) Act, 1999

Functions of Authority.

8.—(1) The Authority shall perform the functions conferred on it under this Act and any other functions which are performable by health board and such other functions as may be provided for by law.

(2) The Authority shall, having regard to the resources available and as it sees fit, plan, arrange for and oversee the provision of services in its functional area.

(3) In performing its functions under this section, the Authority shall—

(a) make arrangements under section 10 with persons for the provision of services,

(b) co-ordinate the provision of services,

(c) put in place systems, procedures and practices to enable it to monitor and evaluate services provided in accordance with arrangements made under section 10 ,

(d) provide in its annual report an account of measures taken to monitor and evaluate services and an account of the outcomes of such measures,

(e) have regard to the advice (if any) tendered to it by each of the three Area Health Boards, and

(f) have regard to the right of voluntary bodies who provide services in accordance with arrangements made under section 10 to manage their own affairs in accordance with their independent ethos and traditions.

(4) Nothing in this Act shall be construed as prejudicing the performance by the Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin, incorporating the National Children's Hospital of its functions under its Charter.