Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003

Supplemental provisions as to committees of Board.

62.—(1) In this section “committee” means a committee established under section 61 .

(2) A member of a committee may be removed by the Board at any time for stated reasons.

(3) The acts of a committee and the performance by a committee of functions delegated to it under section 61 shall be subject to confirmation by the Board, unless the Board otherwise determines.

(4) The Board may, subject to this Act, determine the terms of reference and regulate, by standing orders or otherwise, the procedures and business of a committee including the filling of casual vacancies but, subject to any such regulation, a committee may regulate its own procedures.

(5) A committee shall appoint, from time to time, a chairperson from among its members.

(6) The Board may at any time dissolve a committee.

(7) A committee shall provide the Board with such information as the Board may from time to time require, in respect of its activities and operation, for the purposes of the performance of the functions of the Board.