Health (Repayment Scheme) Act 2006


Repayment Scheme

Application for prescribed repayment.

5.— (1) A relevant person or a connected person may make an application in the specified form to the scheme administrator for a prescribed repayment in respect of a recoverable health charge.

(2) The scheme administrator may refuse to consider or further consider an application if—

(a) the application does not comply with subsection (1), or

(b) the applicant fails to provide the scheme administrator with such information in addition to the information provided by or with the application as the scheme administrator may reasonably require to enable the scheme administrator to determine the application under section 6 .

(3) The scheme administrator shall refuse to consider an application made on or after—

(a) 1 January 2008, or

(b) the prescribed cut-off date,

whichever is the later.