Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicles Act 2015

Power to re-issue redeemed debentures

106. (1) Where an ICAV has redeemed any debentures then—

(a) unless any provision to the contrary, whether express or implied, is contained in the instrument of incorporation of the ICAV or in any contract entered into by the ICAV, or

(b) unless the ICAV has, by passing a resolution to that effect or by some other act, shown its intention that the debentures shall be cancelled,

the ICAV shall have power to re-issue the debentures either by re-issuing the same debentures or by issuing other debentures in their place.

(2) On a re-issue of redeemed debentures, the person entitled to the debentures shall have the same priorities as if the debentures had never been redeemed.

(3) Where an ICAV has deposited any of its debentures to secure advances from time to time on current account or otherwise, the debentures shall not be deemed to have been redeemed by reason only of the account of the ICAV having ceased to be in debit whilst the debentures have remained so deposited.