Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) (Amendment) Act 2015

External confiscation orders (designated states other than member states)

12. The Principal Act is amended by the substitution of the following section for section 51:

“51. (1) The Central Authority, on receipt of an external confiscation order and accompanying documents transmitted by or on behalf of a court in a designated state other than a member state, may cause an application to be made to the High Court for an order (a ‘confiscation co-operation order’) for the confiscation of realisable property to which the external confiscation order relates and that is in the State.

(2) The application shall be accompanied by the request, the accompanying documents and any other related documents or by copies thereof.

(3) On the application the Court may, subject to section 51B, 51C or 51D, as may be appropriate, make a confiscation co-operation order.”.