Legal Services Regulation Act 2015

Regulations regarding complaints

55. (1) The Authority may make regulations regarding—

(a) the making of complaints to the Authority under this Part, and

(b) the procedures to be followed by the Authority and the Complaints Committee in investigating complaints under this Part.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), regulations made under this section may provide in particular for the extension or abridgement by the Authority or the Complaints Committee of any period specified in the regulations for the doing of any thing, where the Authority or the Complaints Committee is satisfied that the extension or abridgement is appropriate and would not cause an injustice to the other parties to the complaint.

(3) The Authority shall, in making regulations under this section, have as an objective that the manner in which complaints may be made, and the procedures to be followed by the complainant, the legal practitioner concerned and the Authority are as informal as is consistent with the principles of fair procedures and that undue expense is not incurred by the complainant or the legal practitioner concerned in relation to the complaint.